Hanshi Bruce Juchnik
is coming to Greensboro Martial Arts, May 25th, 2019!

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Martial Arts is not about Fighting.  It's about building character. 

...fighting is just the really fun part.

Continuing the legacy and lineage of our great martial arts masters before us,

while looking to the future generations of continually evolving arts.

We are a family-friendly martial arts school created to train a warrior spirit thirsty for more in life than living in self-doubt and fear of obstacles.

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Benefits of Cross Training Martial Arts


Shaolin Kung Fu

Martial Science Skills
Chinese Meridians
Acupuncture Points
Emergency Points
Pressure Points
Language Skills
Qigong (Chi Gung)
Energy Manipulation
Emperor's Long Fist
Northern & Southern Shaolin Five Family Fist

Chinese Chin Na

Wing Chun Skills

Okinawan Karate

Baguazhang Skills

Filipino Fighting Arts 

Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo

Students in the Cross-Training Class will learn more about the historical aspects of the martial arts.  There is a strong Scholar requirement, teaching students the basics of Chinese medicine, the Meridians, Okinawan & Chinese Cultures, and the an overview of the languages.  Upon completing a black belt requirement, the student will be given a conferred name in Chinese.

Cross Training Registration Fee

3 Paths to Black Belt
Warrior Path
(fighter's path, also best for college students, or working adults, quickest path to black belt)
Scholar Path
(for those who love martial arts but may not want all the fighting or physical requirements, this path requires a lot of study and memorization)
Scholar Warrior Path
(a well-rounded combination, this path takes the longest as you learn everything offered, but this is the most satisfying for someone who is about the journey to black belt and beyond)

School Creed

My dedication is to my art and my loyalty to my teachers and school.

I will center myself, steady my mind, and control my emotions when confronted with hardships.

Passion, courage, and strength are mine to command as I train to be a warrior and learn to be gentle.

I will never give up.  I will dare to take risks and to succeed, because I am stronger than the world tells me I can be.

I am a martial artist, and as such I will defend the weaker, humble myself before authority, and rise above the challenges I face, for greatness is within me.

You are invited to try one free class!
arrive 6pm on any tues or thurs, no need to schedule ahead, just check our Facebook feed to confirm class hasnt been cancelled for some reason

All students in the Cross-Training program memorizes this and recites it at every class.  This is an original creed, written for today's generations and the need for self-belief.

Membership Agreements are available for 1 to 3 years, offering a huge discount & no cancellation fee.

Classes offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

As a martial arts college, look below at the other styles we have to offer

Greensboro Martial Arts Academy hosts many different seminars and martial arts events through the year.  We invite some of the most specialized martial arts Masters in to teach their area of expertise.  Our website page is not kept as up to date as our Facebook page is, so please follow the link to our facebook for the most up to date information about our next event.

Each program has its own costs & schedule. Click on each one to read more about it.

Gracie's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was made famous by the Gracie family.  It's known as the "Gentle Art"...but we've all seen this in the Octagon, so let's be real.  Ground Fighting can really beat down an opponent in a very non-gentle way.

But learning how to ground fight could potentially save your life, or supplement your already current martial arts instruction.  We recommend this class to any one interested in self-defense, or for career martial artists who need the extra attention to the ground.

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Greensboro Martial Arts Academy is an Academy of the martial sciences, the theatre and dance arts, Yoga & Massage Therapies.
We exist to add confidence, value, self defense and healing to your body.  
Learning to defend yourself to overcome physical, emotional or mental challenges is only the beginning of what we intend to change in our students.  We are trained and dedicated to treating our students as family, helping them evolve past their own limitations and teaching them to overcome the challenges in their lives. 
We are a family-friendly dojo and encourage both adults and kids to come join us.
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